Coffee! too much detail!


Our coffee is a blend and roast that gives a rich, smooth flavour with spicy hints and a delicious nutty sweetness. It is a blend of coffee beans from Ethiopia, Peru and Sumatra that are Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance Certified.


We grind fresh beans for each cup, extract with steam, and then bend with milk as required. There’s more to it than that to get consistency of course…


Technically we need

  • consistent grind- both average size and range of size of the 'particles'
  • consistent weight of ground coffee going into the machine,
  • combined with a consistent amount of steam for a period of time, so then the extraction is the same each time

As well as using the best coffee machine and grinder, we need to keep calibrating weights and timing.

All that’s got us only as far as an ‘espresso’ base....

This can be mixed with hot water for an Americano, or with steamed or foamed milk (dairy or non-dairy) to give a range of milk alternatives. Have a look at the chart to see what we mean- why not try a ‘flat white’ for a change?

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